Would your business like to do some good in the community?

Awesome! We would like to help you with that.

Why You?

Well, you are a tax paying business. Wouldn't it be nice to put that to some good in your community?

Working Together
Why Ponsonby?

Think of the kids! :)

We have been providing a service to our area for over 100 years.

We are based in the city centre.

We play all over Auckland.

Why Us?

We can connect your business with our community.

You can help us to serve that community better.

Our community can help you in business.


Ponsonby United Rugby League and Sports club is a registered incorporated society. We are volunteer run and member owned.

If your business would like to help us to get kids and adults playing regular sport and living a healthier lifestyle, then we would love to work with you.

In return, we can offer local community engagement, wider exposure for your business to the Rugby League community both in Auckland and further afield.

We can showcase your product or service and show the direct impact that you have made in improving our community offering.

We have 'Off the shelf' packages to support parts of a team, a whole team or the club at large, and we are always open to bespoke packages to drive value in return for your investment in our community club.

If we can help to grow your business, please get in touch!